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Instant Plump Beauty Bag
Instant Plump Beauty Bag

Instant Plump Beauty Bag

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Skin Authority Instant Plump Beauty Bag
Part Number: SABB2
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Limited Edition Beauty Bag is ideal for trial or travel. Three mini experiences and two packet boosters deliver powerful ingredients to plump and smooth skin.


The Instant Plump Beauty Bag is packaged in an organic drawstring pouch perfect for travel or to give as a gift:


Mini Experiences:

Daily Cleanser, 1.0 fl. oz., Vitamin A Cell Renewal, 0.7 fl. oz., Night Revitalizer, 0.7 fl. oz.



Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator

Wrinkle Reversing Serum

A $69 value, if purchased separately



Mini Experience:

Daily Cleanser (am and pm)

Vitamin A Cell Renewal (pm after cleansing) Night Revitalizer (pm after Vitamin A Cell Renewal)


Packet Boosters:

Wrinkle Reversing Serum (pm after cleansing)

Tri-Power Peptide Hydrator (pm after Wrinkle Reversing Serum)

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